Our Process

Our design process is very fun and collaborative. We work together with you every step of the way, so you get exactly what you want and having fun doing it! These are the six main steps.

Leave Some Love: Two Different Guest Book Signs with Gold and Silver Mirror

step one: planning

Here we discuss your vision for your event and how signs fit into it. We finalize quantities, time frame, budget, shipping destination, and any special requirements. Before moving forward, a deposit is required and paperwork is signed.

step two: frame selection

Here we pick out the fabulous frames used for your project. We hand select only very special frames and help find just the right frame for your venue that fits within budget. We will send you pictures of several options and you pick your favorite. Typically, our most fabulous frames are real antiques — large, interesting, and ornate. Almost all antiques are gold, but we can paint them other colors to match. We often enhance frames using specialty paints, leafs, and foils. At this point, we can also determine the best mirror color. We use acrylic mirror on all our signs. Acrylic mirror is very light weight, can be cut to any shape or size and comes in a range of beautiful colors. Both gold and silver make for stunning signs. Gold mirror tends to look best with only gold frames, while silver mirror looks great with all frames.

step three: the design process

This is the fun part! A trained graphic designer will help you develop the perfect content and look. You will receive a minimum of three proofs and nothing goes to print until you are perfectly happy.

step four: sign creation

An expert laser engraver turns your final artwork into a beautiful sign. Then the sign is professional framed using flex-points so you can easily reuse the frame. Based on your needs, we include any necessary hanging wires and display easels. The only signs we don’t supply easels for are larger signs because it wouldn’t be cost effective for you to purchase them from us. Venues typically provide larger easels, but if not we can recommend one to match your frame.

step five: shipping

We can ship anywhere in the world. We use specialty packaging and premium shipping services to make sure fragile signs arrive safely. If you are in Seattle, WA we can hand deliver or arrange a pickup.

step six: enjoy!

Now you get to enjoy your beautiful signs! In your box you will find a cleaning kit with our favorite brand of acrylic cleaner, polish, and cloths. In order to make your signs last for many years, please only clean with specialty cleaners like the ones we provide. Acrylic mirror must be cleaned carefully, like a TV or computer screen. Harsh chemicals like windex can shatter acrylic.