frequently asked questions

Questions about timeframe? Cost? Rush orders? Mirror color? Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions!

Domestic Shipping

How will my signs ship?

Your signs will ship with lots of love! We package our boxes quite aggressively with blankets and bubble wrap, so you can typically expect quite a large box. For domestic shipments we typically use UPS Ground with insurance. We can also provide expedited shipping as necessary.

I live in Seattle, can I pick up my signs?

That’s great! We are able to arrange in person deliveries or pick ups to residents of Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland and other surrounding areas, depending on the size of the package. If interested please let us know ?

What shipping costs can I expect?

Shipping large, delicate signs can be quite expensive, depending on where you live in the United States. With UPS Ground (insured), for larger signs (like seating charts) you can typically expect $150 per box. We can often fit 1-5 signs per large box, depending on the size. For smaller signs, shipping can be quite less ranging from $50-100. International rates will be more (see section below for estimated rates).

International Shipping

What international shipping costs can I expect?

It will depend greatly on the destination and size of the box. From the United States to Italy, as an example, each box can cost roughly $650 plus 22% VAT taxes.

When my international event is complete, how to do I ship the signs back to my home country?

After the event, you can either bring the signs back underneath the airplane or ship through a carrier. Airplane will likely be slightly cheaper, though you will be responsible for transporting a very large, heavy box and you may not want the headache. If you ship by a carrier, we recommend DHL for international shipping.

Please save and reuse the original box and packaging. There is typically just the right amount of room for all your items to fit back in the box. Please package aggressively with the original packaging to avoid damage. We recommend: first wrap the signs in the soft blanket, then wrap tightly with small sticky bubble wrap, and lastly wrap with large bubble wrap. Pay special attention to the corners. Pack the box as tightly as possible so there is very little room for the frames to move.

To avoid customs delays, we recommend that you leave the Cleaning Kit out of the package and instead put it in your suitcase. The Cleaning Kit can be especially tricky at customs. If you do put it in the box, you will need the Safety Data Sheets for all three Novus products. All Novus Safety Data Sheets can be found here: httpsss:// These documents will also be with the original box in the plastic shipping label.

If you are having trouble fitting any of the smaller, less expensive items (like easels) back in the box, you may want to put them in your suitcase or leave them behind. Don’t worry too much if they don’t fit, it would be far cheaper to buy a new one in your home country than to arrange for separate transportation.

Time Frame

How long do your orders take to complete?

Your signs will ship with lots of love! We package our boxes quite aggressively with blankets and bubble wrap, so you can typically expect quite a large box. For domestic shipments we typically use UPS Ground with insurance. We can also provide expedited shipping as necessary.

What can I do to make my sign order go as quickly as possible?

The best way to avoid delays is to get us the final text for the signs as quickly as possible. Seating charts tend to have the longest processing time because the clients are waiting for final RSVPs. Also, quickly responding to drafts with your detailed feedback really speeds things up!

I need my sign sooner. Do you accommodate rush orders?

We can often can accommodate rush orders, so if you need something quicker please ask! Additional fees apply, as this often requires us to work evenings and weekends. We also need to coordinate with our laser engraver and framers to make sure they are able to accommodate a rush order.

Sign Printing & Care

Your signs look like calligraphy. How do you print them?

Our primary print method is laser engraving. It’s similar to hand lettering but produced on a very specialized printer. It’s a very professional “polished” look. It’s permanent and never wipes off. Together we design everything on the computer (you review all drafts) and then the completed design is laser etched into your preferred material. Mirror is the most popular, but we can also do chalkboard or any material you can think of! Nothing goes to print until you are perfectly happy with the design!

What are your signs made out of?

Our favorite material is acrylic mirror (available in both gold and silver). Acrylic mirror is identical to “glass mirror” but is significantly lighter for shipping and has much better contrast. We can also print on chalkboard, wood or any other material you can think of!

How Should I Care for Acrylic Mirror Signs?

Acrylic mirror easily attracts dust, finger prints & scratches. Clean like you would a pair of sunglass lenses. Acrylic mirror is beautiful but very tricky to clean, which is why we include a convenient cleaning kit with every acrylic order.

  • Clean with Novus #1 & Magic Fiber from cleaning kit, or gentle soap & water with a soft clean cloth. 
  • Please don’t use paper towels to clean, as they can easily leave scratches. 
  • If you ever need to touch the mirror directly, use the white gloves from the cleaning kit. 
  • Keep protective seals on mirrors until right before the event. 


How are your signs priced?

Every custom order is priced differently. Pricing depends on the price of the frame, material, print method, easel and the complexity of the design. Please email to get an idea of what to expect price wise.


Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, some discounts apply for multiple sign orders!


Do you require a deposit?

We require either up front payment or deposits prior to beginning work. Typically, a 30% deposit is required prior to beginning work.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

If you have a deposit down for sign and no work has taken place, the deposit is refundable. Once we start working, depending on the amount or work taken place, some or all of the deposit is non-refundable.

I already have a frame, can you just make the sign?

This is possible, though may be a bit tricky. It is extremely important to provide us with the exact dimensions of the frame, otherwise you may be getting a sign that won’t fit. If the sign is too large you can take it to a local plastic manufacturer and they may be able to trim it down, although this could potentially damage the sign. The only way to make sure you are getting a sign that perfectly fits is for us to pick out the frame. Or you can arrange to have it custom framed locally.

I already have a mirror, can you use this?

It is generally best for us to supply our own materials. We generally don’t laser engrave real mirror, but instead use acrylic mirror. Real mirror does not produce the beautiful contrast that acrylic does. Also real mirror significantly heavier and much more fragile to ship. When we do use real mirror, we use a technique called sand blasting. If interested please let us know and we can put together a quote.